Miild communicates transparently about palm oil challenges

Miild is a young Danish beauty brand with a mission to create beauty products with no harmful effects on either people or the planet. Sustainable production has been a goal from the outset and Miild sets high quality standards for their products, which are certified by AllergyCertified, the Nordic Ecolabel and ECOCERT.

The use of palm oil, in particular, has been a challenge as the production of palm oil involves a number of environmental and climate impacts such as deforestation and CO2 emissions. Miild therefore demands that the palm oil used must be RSPO-certified with requirements for a more sustainable production. Miild communicates transparently and in detail about the challenges of palm oil and the brand’s own action plan as well as the state of progress. Even if Miild has yet to achieve its end goal, good stories can be gleaned from their work, and the transparency provides value because the consumer sees Miild as a company working to do the right thing.

Miild strives for all the company’s products to be vegan and for raw materials based on palm oil to be certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Miild finds that some producers are very cooperative, who aspire towards greater sustainability and some who are hard to move along. All in all, the palm oil issue is highly complex and too big for Miild to handle alone which is why Miild has joined the Danish Alliance for Responsible Palm Oil.

Miild therefore also recommends that companies aiming for greater sustainability seek help through networks or other companies with positive experience. From there, you can take the challenges one step at a time and jointly contribute to moving the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Benefits for the environment, climate and people:

  • RSPO certification requires that nature, wildlife, local communities and workers be protected in the production of palm oil.
  • Palm oil is highly land-efficient, so it is often better to demand sustainable palm oil than to replace it with other oils that require more land which can lead to deforestation of rainforests.

Risk assessment is absolutely fundamental to our business model, and it leads to good results. By reducing the risk of trading with countries in conflict, we help to create income, jobs and peace and, at the same time, get quality products out to Danish consumers. When palm oil gets negative coverage in the media, it takes hold. But this is where transparency is so important because the consumer will see Miild as a company that is trying to do the right thing. It takes longer to tell and explain but it makes the brand unique.”

Kaspar Sundmark, Quality & Certification Manager, Miild.

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