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This guide aims to assist SMEs in the food cluster in carrying out human rights due diligence and to be at the cutting edge of future EU legislation.

The guide was prepared by the Danish Initiative for Ethical Trade in collaboration with the Danish Agriculture & Food Council and Arla Foods. The guide was co-sponsored by the Danish Business Authority. Altering, reproducing, or translating this guide without prior written consent of the Danish Initiative for Ethical Trade is prohibited. Use of the guide for educational purposes is permitted only with clear reference to the partners behind the guide, including crediting with appropriate logos.

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About this guide

This guide is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses in the food cluster, i.e., companies with between two and 250 employees working in agriculture and horticulture, fisheries, fish farming, agroindustry, food production and ingredients. Human rights due diligence is relevant whether you are in the B2C or B2B market, importing, exporting or have your own production in Denmark.

The purpose of the guide is to assist SMEs perform human rights due diligence, regardless of size and resources of the company. The guide provides inspiration for how to begin and how to strengthen your current processes.

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